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Getting into an accident that causes an injury can be a very traumatic event. You may be wondering how you can afford to make ends meet when you are required to pay steep medical bills and take time off from work. If you were harmed due to the careless or negligent behavior of another, you may feel angry that you are being forced to pay for another's poor conduct.

At Allen Law LLC, we believe that you should not be held responsible for the bad choices of others. We are passionate about seeking justice on behalf of our injured clients. We tirelessly strive to achieve an outcome in which our client receives compensation for their suffering.

What sets our personal injury lawyer apart?

  • Mr. Allen offers weekend and after hours appointments.
  • Mr. Allen keeps clients in the know with PracticePanther technology.
  • He holds an MBA and 15 years of business experience.
  • There are no fees unless he wins your case.
  • He does thorough research and preparation it takes to win.
  • All attorney fees are reasonable.

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Don't Trust the Insurance Company!

It is a well-known fact that insurance companies will attempt to deny victims fair compensation in hopes of making a profit for themselves. Many people accept their settlements without thinking. However, we urge you to speak to our Jasper personal injury lawyer before you make any decisions.

At Allen Law LLC, we frequently take on cases where individuals received injuries from car and 18-wheeler accidents. All too often, negligent drivers create dangerous situations on the road and put others in harm's way. We are here to hold them responsible for their actions. We also are prepared to help with medical malpractice cases, or situations where a prescribed drug caused injury, illness, or death. We also have experience in helping clients who were injured in mining accidents.

Stay Informed at Allen Law LLC

Unlike many other firms across the nation, we are dedicated to keeping our clients aware of all the developments in their case. Through the PracticePanthertechnology, Mr. Allen can provide you with instant updates, court materials, schedules, and more. It even comes equipped with an instant messaging system, allowing you to stay in touch with your lawyer at all times.

Act Today to Get the Help You Need

Whether you or a loved one suffered an injury due to the reckless behavior of another, or you lost a loved one to wrongful death, our team is here to support you through this trying time. Mr. Allen can be a fierce advocate to you, fighting tirelessly on your behalf. With skilled legal support, it is possible to recover compensation that can go toward covering medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We serve all of Walker, Marion, Winston, Cullman, Fayette, and Jefferson Counties.

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  • A true stand up guy that can be kind when you need it but will never hesitate to fight for you when it comes time to being aggressive!

    “When I went through my divorce Tim Allen helped me in areas I never even knew would need to be addressed. He took care of all my finances, including bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement, wills, among other things you forget about during such a trying time. He was always available to me and helped keep me focused on what we needed to do to protect my welfare. Tim is very knowledgeable and had a sincere interest in my well being during that time. I have continued to use Tim since that time for all my legal needs and have always recommended him to friends and family when the need arose. He's number one on my list and I consider him a friend as well as my personal attorney! You can't go wrong when going with Tim Allen! A true stand up guy that can be kind when you need it but will never hesitate to fight for you when it comes time to being aggressive! Would recommend him over and over again!”

    Joy Underwood

  • Tim is respectable and dependable

    “Tim Allen is a respectable and dependable attorney. The people in his office are always very polite and phone calls always returned promptly. He handled my divorce quickly and at a reasonable fee. I would highly recommend Mr. Allen to anyone seeking an attorney.”


  • Mr. Tim Allen came to my rescue and was so kind during such a difficult time and he helped keep me focused and took care of all my legal needs.

    “When the time had come for me to take care of my precious mother, I needed a power of attorney. We also needed a will made for her. Tim was so kind and understanding about our needs and within days we had in place what we needed. Well after that time, I needed a temporary guardianship for my granddaughter. Once again Mr. Tim Allen came to my rescue and was so kind during such a difficult time and he helped keep me focused and took care of all my legal needs, so I could focus on taking care of my mother. Tim has been a great attorney, and I feel like he is now a friend.”

    Selena Brunner